Reiki Energy Therapy

Reiki’s “laying on of hands” is a simple, effective method promoting stress reduction and relaxation, which can aid the healing process on a physical, mental/emotional and spiritual basis.  You really need to experience Reiki to know the deep level of peace and calm that is accessible to you!

In a typical treatment session, the client lies fully-clothed on a massage table or in a chair and is instructed to simply breathe.  The practitioner places their hands slightly above or gently on the body in various positions, respecting the individual’s needs.  Soothing music, Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils and sound therapies may be incorporated to aid in the relaxation process, but aren’t necessary.  Most clients report feeling very relaxed, less stressed and more peaceful upon receiving a therapy session.

Joan is a Reiki Master Teacher in both the Usui/Tibetan and Karuna methods.  She is willing to provide Reiki therapy sessions and/or classes in Reiki training.

Life Spectrums Reiki Energy Therapy

Life Spectrums Reiki Energy Therapy

Reiki Therapy Sessions are as follows:

30 minute        $40

60 minute        $70

90 minute         $90

3-60 minute sessions prepaid   $175 (savings of $35)

Reiki Classes:

Usui Level I Reiki    - $ 200.00

Usui Level II Reiki   -  $ 225.00

Usui Advanced Level Reiki Training   -   $ 400.00

Usui Master Level Reiki Training   -  $ 400.00

Karuna ™ training prerequisites required.  Contact Life Spectrums for more information.



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